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This is the archive for 27 December 2006

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Another song of Mitzuki Nana. This is quite a rhetorical song, as there are many in contemporary Japanese music. Something like "I am good and I will overcome the bad things, if I put my effort in that"; that wouldn't be bad, I think that we occidentals would really need some of those songs to be sung by our children, but after you hear the 100th in a row, the thematic begins to grow a bit boring.

Yet this is different. If not for anything else, the the poetry used in this song is ranging the highest levels I have ever witnessed. Researched words, when not ancient terms, and elegant expressions, as well as strong images and strict metric, makes this song worth being known above the mass.

This song won't change my life, as it's just a stylistic exercise over a well known and possibly easy thematic... yet, as a stylistic exercise it is nothing less than stunning.