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This is the archive for May 2007

Sunday, May 27, 2007

This Japanese formation, Onmyouza, is usually deep in Heavy Metal, but at times they also write some slow ballad. As European and American metalists often take inspiration from ancient European traditions, Onmyouza use Japanese myths to write lyrics, and they often recur to Japanese musicology for melodies and harmonies.

This song, called "Hotaru", is pure Zen Buddhism. As it's Zen, it needs (or stands) no words to be explained.

I set up a small wireless network in my house. Being able to write blogs using my notebook PC sitting on the sofa in the living room is already a cute experience by itself, but the most interesting part is that I am using a Linux installation,
I am writing the blog using my Packard Bell Easy Note MX with a dual Turion 64 and 2MB memory. Quite a great machine; it has no extra hw, just 4 USB ports, synaptics touchpad, ethernet plug and wi-fi interface. Yet, this simple design allows for fantastic NVidia graphics, extra load of fast memory, extra wide screen and extra-long battery life.

Having wifi running on linux required just to download and compile the latest version of madwifi driver for Atheros wi-fi chipset from Sourceforge. A 10 minutes operation, and voilà, I am flying the network with a serious OS sitting on my sofa. What could be better?

Uhm, yes, I have a couple of answers too... yet this one is cute.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

My last post was a bit strong, and I feel like explaining it a bit. However, rather than argument more (my arguments were quite exhaustive, IMHO), I would like to express my emotions and my feelings for the Chinese people. And I will do it through a reverse translation of an Italian song that I feel like if I was the one to write it.

This song, "Città proibita", "the forbidden city", is about the Tien An Men incident back in 1989. That incident was a shock for all the world, and my generation was deeply impressed and moved by that fact. I can't help crying even today in listening this song, and obviously, it's not for the song itself.