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This is the archive for July 2007

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My site, as well as some fellow sites as .i.e. Falcon has been more down than up this days. This due to the pasttime of a cute cracker that thought that was quite funny to get down an harmless server.

And the worst thing is that I know quite a bit about Linux, servers, security and stuff like that.

The point is that I have a relatively cheap virtual hosting, and the software up there was a bit... uhm... outdated. Fedora Core 2, to start with. Also, my host didn't want ppl on his virtual servers to mangle with kernels, distros and so on. Long story short, all the ppl in this hosting is living on a piece of crap with software that was already easy to break 2 years ago.

I put up a bit of dutch tape here and there, i.e. writing little scripts that would restore services that were killed with a DoS, and that recorded via ngrep the remote attacker IP and the timestamp. That worked, and kept idiots at bay for some time (and also caused a couple of them to be thrown out of the net by theirs provider), but it couldn't last for long. When someone has found that we were running a kernel version 2.6.9/11, that could be DoSsed EVEN with a well malformed CPIP packet, the machine was hung for good.

So I decided to lure my ISP by with gentle words and I upgraded the system to something barely decent.

Figure what? --- they was probably happy someone tried it on their virtual servers, so they can apply some security patch around.