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This is the archive for 22 October 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007

Apache API (the system abstraction layer APR and the HTTPD "AP") are one of the most amazing APIs around. Powerful, neat, little, flexible and straight to the point. Making an Apache module would be great fun...

...if they ever bother writing an high-context documentation. There's no way to have the "big picture", a plan of what to do to achieve what you want, written down on documents. What is around is either outdated (and not being removed or marked as such is confusing the reader by providing him a context information that is not anymore valid), or focusing on particular aspects, as writing "filters", or the fun of using memory pools.

For that reason alone, putting down "due righe messe in croce" (two lines put down in a cross, as we say in Italy) took me one full day plus about a couple of day in hunting documentation. IMHO Apache is the big Open Source project having the worst documentation around, especially when it comes to the API.

I understand that they live on consulting and selling books, but sharing some enlightenment with us would be appreciated...