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This is the archive for June 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CIA-52 falcon: jonnymind condor-dev * r426 Core/ (4 files in 2 dirs):
CIA-52 falcon: Preparatory work for dynamic linking of symbols in live modules.
CIA-52 falcon: (Anyhow worth, the link function was *clumsy*)

It's incredible how things that seemed impossible when i first thought of them seems easy now. The link method in the Falcon virtual machine itself was a monolithic piece of code linking and executing init methods of objects in modules all in one step. It was nearly black magic even for me, when I wrote it.

Now, breaking it down in steps and cleaning it in the process was quite natural.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I vaguely thought at this while coding it, but the new total reflective mechanism that I gave to the Falcon Items is actually an example of tabular programming.

CIA-52 falcon: jonnymind condor-dev * r410 Core/ (78 files in 3 dirs):
CIA-52 falcon: New reflection protocol complete.
CIA-52 falcon: Still need to reflect Core and RTL classes (except for error).

Friday, June 20, 2008

To better support the reflexive paradigm in Kross, and to implement a better reflection for the modules and bindings that are going to be written in the next days, I am reworking the Falcon "UserData" system.

Reflect C structures in C language is not a problem per se. It begins to get a serious matter when you want to be efficient in doing that, and you want to have script meta-informations about classes as they are seen by the scripts (i.e. for the "contracts", class reflections that we are working on).

Initially, we had a single "UserData" that may travel with a Falcon objects. Methods in that objects would have received the "self" object from the VM, extracted the user data and worked on that.
Gleb, Rot, Blau

A famous Kandinsky print of 1925. We were moving a bit of frames in our office, and having a bit of fun in trying to guess their meaning. When we moved this painting (stealing it from the main corridor), my boss voted for a cat (or a parrot), but I supposed it was about the "unpersonification of the human soul caused by the rushing-in modernity". Another colleague walked in searching for something to drive nails in the wall, so that we may move around other frames, and he took an old CPU heat dissipater, saying "This is a good hammer!"

And I, "Why, modern arts has the merit to be born in the mind of the observer. Last week, Tiz. said that it was excellent as a brush!"

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I am officially back on working on the Kross integration for Falcon since last night. I started updating and reconfiguring KDE sources and begun working at a generic binding engine.

The Falcon support for Kross was nearly ready when I left it. It just lacked some reflection in Kross::Action, that wasn't very well documented at the time, and it was a bit hard to take informations out of the Kross guys. Now they have a much more complete documentation, with tutorials on both the C++ side and script side, so completing the expected behavior should take no more than a few hours.

However, Python and Ruby offer a (relatively) complete binding for QT and KDE, while Falcon provides none. Except for coolenss of Falcon, users wouldn't find any reason to use it. Binding a gigantic thing as QT, and putting a cap like KDE binding on top of that is nothing short of a nightmare... unless I realize the automatic binding tool I have in mind.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life is the ability to turn superabundant energy into organization and complexity. In a word, into a being.
What's the value of the organization in a cell? -- is it more or less than the energy that the cell consumes in it's life?
How many heat units are needed to grow up and feed a man for 80 years? -- Is its life, its being, greater than this energy?
What's the heat cost of an idea? -- can we talk of entropy, or shall we infer that life and organization can generate more "being" than the energy initially provided to the system?

Is the energy of a galaxy just the sum of the energy in its suns, or is its organization in starsystems something more than just that?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The latest Shimamiya Eiko's album, "Hikari Nadeshiko" (Lover of the Light) is very sophisticated. Eiko wrote personally also the vast part of the music, other than all the lyrics, and she put in there her gentle and loving soul. She's intense but delicate. More, she is intense because she is delicate. Her gentleness is so intense that almost hurts.

Another version of this "Ai no uta" (love song) was presented in her first solo work in 2005, Ulysses, a so called "mini-album" containing 9 great songs. I must admit that I didn't like very much the first version of the song, but there was something definitely good in that. It was mainly an instrumental electronic-ambient piece; the melody was simple, but the arrangement was extremely complex, and it was using some "deep ambient" tricks like hiding the melody in a quasi-dissonant harmony. Very relaxing music, the kind of music you'd like to use as a background for a modern art exposition, or for a intimate dinner.

This new version is totally different (actually, it was presented first in the "Ozone" mini album), almost unrecognizable; with lyrics still essential, but greatly expanded, it presents a bridge and a chorus section that is nothing less than an explosion of love, which gives me shivers every time.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I am taking a bit of a breath in the rest of the week and in the week-end. Starting from Monday, I will write the plan of actions for Falcon 0.8.12. I can anticipate that the topmost priority is completing the support for KDE 4.x, and immediately after completing the DBI module by adding ODBC and Interbase, and refining features as blob file-like writes. Hopefully in the meanwhile, we shall complete the site with a bugtracker and development feature tracker.

I will post an official news on the site about this.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

It is quite difficult to translate this title, as the correct wordings to translate it may change depending on the unspoken last part of the sentence. The general meaning may be something like "Towards you, that I love".

This song is from ODA Kazumasa, one of the three Japanese male singers that I like; the others two are the bassist and male voice of the Onmyouza and SUGA Shikao. Between the three, this singer and song writer is the gentler one, possibly showing a "yasashii tamashii" far gentler than the vast majority of the female singers/writers I have heard.

"Sou ka naa" (I wonder if it's so...) is an album full of gentleness, but still it doesn't fall in rhetorics and abused love songs themes. This is one of the best songs in the album.

This is one of the songs for which Kotoko wrote also the music; she usually writes just the lyrics.

In this song, Kotoko had been able to convey an happy sadness, both in the music and in the words, sensations that are often present blended together in her songs, but never with this intensity.

The title kanji would spell "nabikaze" (breeze), but Kotoko went for an ateji and changed it into just "kaze" (wind).

I used to keep a separate entries about the development of my "Falcon Programming Language" in a separate blog, but I have seen that the model is depriving me of a single location where to store my net-life. Also, Falcon is so intertwined with my life that I cannot properly separate it.

It's exactly because I was a bit unsure about where to draw the line that I refrained to blog in the last month... in both blogs...
As this must not happen, I am keeping only one life blog here.