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This is the archive for 24 November 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

It wasn't originally my intention to release a bugfix version before 0.9, which is due for mid-january. The point is that I nailed down a couple of nasty bugs really fast, and I took the occasion to add a couple of interesting things that I was going to add in 0.9 anyhow. Also, if I didn't make any relevant mistake, the code is currently binary-compatible with 0.8.12, and so other modules and applications compiled with it doesn't need re-compilation. So, I'd like to consolidate the bugfixes before changing definitely the inner 10,000 lines composing the core of the system to prepare them for the final round of 0.9->1.0.

I wonder if I should call it or 0.8.14...