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This is the archive for 26 November 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ok, so we'll have a bugfix release to consolidate some very relevant bugfixes we have performed in this couple of weeks.

Also, we'll go for a major number, as one bugfix introduced a binary incompatibility. To be correct, it was not a bugfix; I just had some unclean interface (the relatively obsolete UserData class) that leaded me to write an unclean code in a secondary module (sdl_image binding). I can't resist fixing unclean things, and I thought that if this can lead me to write unclean code, it would certainly drive others in the same errors. Although UserData was the main mean to do reflection before, while it is now just a residual quick-but-not-dirty resource to write a binding quickly, it has still a role, so it will stay in 0.9. If it has to be cleaned, better now than later.

The release is scheduled by the next saturday.