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This is the archive for December 2008

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tautologic, and also quite frequent.

Yet, it's worth to stop for a while, even for a second, and look back.

A very wise person said that the past is gone, the future is not yet, only the present exists. True. But at the same time, the present is the now between future and past. It's the limit for delta time to zero of the space/time equations, and mathematicians know how real and notable can be a quantity so small that shouldn't even exist.

Yet, it's a limit. There is a past and a future and they are what our "now" is made of. Live now, but look back and forth because that's where the now lies.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Suga Shikao is one of my favorite artists ever. He's not only a good singer, he also is a skilled composer and performer. But what that impresses me the most about this artist is the ability to tell the life in poetry, but still telling it the way it is. In songs, and especially in songs coming from Japan, love is often idealized, and things of life are often taken to the extreme. Pain is terrifying, loneliness is hopeless, future is bright, the sky is blue and so on...

Shikao is able to move deep emotions by just telling things the way they are. At times this may seems a bit cynical, at times a bit simple, yet it's totally true. He photographs the normal life, the true feelings, and then makes them sublime without moving their nature of an inch.

"Ougon no tsuki" was one of his first successes in 1998, and stays a very representative song of him.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Relax apart, I got a quite full schedule from now to Jan 7 2008.

1) The new version of Falcon - 0.9, with the engine cleaned and a general cleanup/deepning of the core module.
2) Work on Storm engine (Fading Away).
3) Advancements on the automatic binding system.
4) A bit of advertisement of Falcon on various boards and magazines.

... oh, and I also have the third chapter of the Kusamakura almost completely translated in Italian :-)