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This is the archive for 23 September 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

And with them, full blown tabular programming.

I just need to add some API level method to the Table class; everything at VM level is ready.

With the last round, methods called from dynamic bindings in arrays can access the calling array through the "self" keyword. This lets to build dynamic objects (and classes) not unlike LUA programmers are accustomed to do, but in Falcon there is a significant shift. If an array is part of a table, that is, if it's a row, then properties are taken from the table, and they resolve into an item of the array. So, while bindings stay outside (or besides) the array, table properties lie inside the array itself. Still, a method can access the owning array, and indirectly the owning table, via the "self" item.