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This is the archive for 25 September 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

You work several hours per day in your office. It's probably the place you see the most of the time. Making it a nice place to be in doesn't just help your work, but also your life in general. Thinking so, I decided to place a print of one of my favorite print artists in my office: Hokusai's famous "wave":


I always found Hokusai genial in the simplicity of its representation and in the power of the emotions he transmits. And he's so ironic; even in this print, which is so dense, those small fisher boas with all those even smaller fishers looking down towards the waters, rather than up towards the wave... A metaphor of mankind, or maybe just a metaphor of "people", searching for safety and comfort right beside them while tragedy is falling upon. Yet, even when talking about the magnificence of nature, or about the powerlessness of mankind, Hokusai is always smiling. And it's not a sad smile, or a sardonic smile, it's not derision. It's just fun, the fun you have while watching a funny comedy where the characters keep struggling against bad luck.

Well; other than that I am happy that all my colleagues have praised the artist and my idea to place it in our office :-)