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This is the archive for January 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This was one of the first songs of Shimamiya Eiko I wanted to translate. I've been able to understand it fully for a couple of years now, yet I hesitated. This text is so exquisitely Japanese that it was very hard to find a fine balancing both in English and in Italian (as want I translate songs also in my native language).

This songs talks about religions; or better, it talks about cultists, the ones running religions. While the thematic is very similar to that of Uzu-maki, written by Kotoko, this song is much more direct and far less metaphoric. For this reason, while it seems less profound, it is bolder, and thus, courageous. The Japanese employed is yet exquisitely elegant, while being still direct and concrete.

This song has a very sophisticated melodic, harmonic and rhythmic structure; it's an extremely charming blend of oriental scales and works on a 6/4 time broken up in a ternary rhythm (18/12). It has been arranged in two versions; one, in the "Endless Loop" mini-album is mainly acoustic, and involves an ehru (a typical oriental violin-like instrument that Eiko seems to particularly love), a guitar and several acoustic percussions. The other, in "O", is a majestic digial-sound version, which completely alters the harmonic structure. They both are marvelous, but the electronic version feels somehow... more infinite; possibly this is because the sophisticated and elegant harmonic structure of the more-acoustic version, while fascinating, is more "compressed", while the electronic version is somewhat "open", "endless"... somehow, this endlessness seems more adequate to support the meaning of the lyrics.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A so complex text. Still have no words about this Onmyouza song.

Just one note: while the "moon" has a female character in many occidental cultures, it's considered a male entity in Japan.