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This is the archive for February 2009

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Our country is known across the world to be the home of good cuisine and beautiful womens. And of mafia.
Someone says that's just a stereotype, that it's not that every Italian you meet carries a mandolino and a coppola, and that's true for sure, as you don't build the 5th economic power in the world out of singing all the day.

But this is not going to last for long, as our government is now turning into a "soft" regime which is going to turn down legality and protect the ones that have achieved money and power through any mean, including bribing, robbery, homicide and anything that goes with that. In a word, here mafia rules, and it's not a stereotype anymore.

It all begun with a masonry lodge called P2. Of course, that's not actually the source of this process; the story begun with the very foundation of Italy, in 1861. To conquer the southern "Regno delle due Sicilie", the kingdom including Naples and Sicily, the Savoia dinasty worked with underground local forces. Those forces were powerful local lords which were not officially acknowledged by the Kingdom, and that, at times, were also actively fought; yet, they were supported by the population as they used to help the local community in their needs, while the central government in Naples was far, and less incline to reply to beggarliness. They went under the plural name of Mafia.