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This is the archive for February 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

Despite of the fact that I am currently the only active developer, and despite of the fact that other developers joining randomly in the project have been contributing to about 2% of the code, people is coming gathering around the project. We've got Pete taking good care of the documentation (my Italian English couldn't stand for a long time), and several visitors of our site have been starting writing Wikipedia pages for Falcon in various languages. Then, we have the AuroraUX distro (SunOS) electing Falcon as one of the language of choices (directly available in the core packages), and Blastwave (the project porting GNU/open source projects to OpenSolaris). And Kross, bridging Falcon and KDE 4.2.

All this encourages me to push forward the 0.9 release and to seek for more developers willing to join and help in the project. Future of Falcon Programming Language seems bright; thanks to everyone supporting our ideas.