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This is the archive for August 2009

Saturday, August 08, 2009

There's who says that it's "just another language", and thus, "useless", but I got users pretty loving it.

This is a chat log from our channel:

ago 08 16:01:23 olefowdie also, the package manager I told you I was creating will now probably become the basis for yet another linux distribution... and I am trying to think of more stuff i could write for it in falcon pl...
ago 08 16:01:35 olefowdie since falcon is secretly the code for the whole friggin universe.
ago 08 16:01:36 jonnymind olefowdie: I love you.
ago 08 16:01:57 olefowdie I bet there are aliens secretly stealing wifi access from ISS just to grab copies of Falcon.
ago 08 16:02:43 olefowdie jonnymind: i will as soon more is working
ago 08 16:03:46 olefowdie I wonder... you know if martians exist, they probably have a secret underground shrine to FalconPL
ago 08 16:03:50 jonnymind heheh
ago 08 16:03:57 jonnymind :-))
ago 08 16:04:36 olefowdie ... and I bet that God's rendering engine for the universe is written in FalconPL- proof = duck bill platapus (just as versatile in feature listings)
ago 08 16:05:50 * btiffin ( รจ entrato in #falcon
ago 08 16:06:48 jonnymind *this one is going on my blog
ago 08 16:07:01 olefowdie lol.