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This is the archive for October 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I've been able to write the first prototype of "The Evolution Game".

It's a competitive programming game where two falcon scripts are fighting for survival in an arena with limited space and resources. The new twist in it is that, except for extremely naive strategies, it's practically necessary for each script to evolve and mutate in order to win.

We plan to build a contest on that, inviting programmers to submit their scripts, and see who is the best evolutionary programmer in the world.

There's also a small secret, that people experts of fractals, high order numerical-math, statistics and evolutionary computation will probably spot very soon. But I will keep silent about this 'till the end of the contest.

For now, I am pretty impressed about the power of the TEG program itself. I thought I could support an arena of 100x100 cells, each being a running Falcon script, called back several times per turn (one to five), at 1 turn per second, after introducing a bit of concurrent calculations. Contrarily to my expectations, the prototype, which is still largely unoptimized and totally single threaded, is running a 100x100 arena at five to eight turns per second. The script used in the prototype are largely trivial, but even making them three times as complex as they are, we'd still have a better performance than I expected after having introduced all the possible optimizations and parallelism.

We're gonna have fun with this toy.