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This is the archive for December 2009

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I have already praised Suga Shikao skills in composing, lyrics writing and playing music. Yet, this metropolitan poetry is still very surprising.

In his song "Hikari no kawa", Shikao talks about her former lover passing him by on another car, in a traffic jam. It's the occasion to rethink to the past, and why it didn't quite work out, and to fantasize about the similarity of their story and what's happening as he loses her in the queue. And there's even space to think about not just the "story of them two", but about love and affection in general, as we live in cities where we become mechanized animals, half flesh and blood and half chips and gears. And all of this, without exaggerations, or epic conclusions; just told as it is, felt as it's felt, daily as it is. With the "stream of light" being just the row of car lights, and somehow, at the same time, being also much, much more. In perfect Shikao's unique style.