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This is the archive for 24 May 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

In the end, hoping to have it out by this week-end was a bit optimistic.

I still need to finish the new faldoc to produce the new source-level documentation, and also to find a decent ramping function for the default GC algorithm.

However, I am quite positive. The RC seems quite stable, and is working blissfully in our production environment. I just found a couple of glitches while working with faldoc (something was wrong with error detection and extra message of raised errors), so the thing must be investigated a bit.

On the bright side, this is giving us the time to complete a full code check round (just nailed a very idiotic problem in string.find()), and to polish a couple of uncovered details. For example, I just added a glamorous "brigade" function, working similarly to cascade and meant to put common functional code at work through cooperation sequences.