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This is the archive for 19 August 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I casually found out I am stopping at the trendiest facility in San Marino: the Vintage Hotel (with a trendy reception). Here's a shot of the my trendy room, with a view of my trendy bathroom. I'll have more shots of this trendy place tomorrow, so you'll know better what i mean.

Also, I am bit tired to write a decent reportage of what I am doing here, so, for now I will just show you the restaurant where I ate tonight, a typical local house, half dug in the mountain and half made of mountain rocks.

But the most intriguing thing about San Marino is that the it's the ancientest Republic in the world, and it proudly bears a single word as a Motto on their national Insigna: Libertas (Freedom). So much that it hails visitors with welcome signs stating "Welcome to the Ancient Land of Freedom."

With the rock of their mountain, and the braveness of their arm, San Marino people conquered their freedom, and they kept it high above everything, as they proudly want you to know at every step you take in their country, and as this photo summarizes.

I took something around 400 photos just today... and I have visited just half of the central part of San Marino Town, the capital of the state. Every stone here deserves a photo, for how dense it is with history and beauty, and freedom. So, I have many stories to tell. Many.

More tomorrow.

Hello world!

I am getting my first day off in years, and spending it with my parents and my wife visiting one of the wonders of the world. The Republic of San Marino, a little state fully surrounded by Italy.

Will write more tonight.

Have fun, world!