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This is the archive for December 2011

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wow, looking at the dates I see that more than 2 months have passed since my last article.

The effort to fire up my new business was quite distressing, and the complexity of the things that we're doing in Falcon required an effort that was beyond my expectation. In particular, I've been coding 12-16 hours straight a day since last Tuesday (it's Saturday) to complete the reflective syntax support; now the basics and the skeleton of the system is done, but I need some help to fill in the gaps, so I am describing the system here. This text will go also into the VM/Falcon specifications when we organize it.

One fast note; as a preliminary work for this step, I removed the PCode system. For those who didn't follow the development, PCode were a set of pre-ordered expression PSteps to be specially executed by the VM. In the beginning, that seemed an optimization, so that the PCode could run multiple Expression PSteps before returning the control to the VM for new code to run, but that required the expressions to behave differently from all the other psteps (by not removing themselves when their execution was complete, and by considering their CodeFrame host untouchable), and also would have required re-compilation of the Host pcode when the expressions were changed. In the meanwhile, I found a PStep execution pattern that doesn't require the explicit intervention of the VM, and that is even more efficient than the original PCode idea; so we removed the PCode, and now the expressions, the statements and in general all the PSteps share the same exact behavior and have very similar execution patterns.