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This is the archive for 25 July 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

The problem with symbols in a programming language is in the fact that they represent a value, but are NOT a value. You can take them as flexible pointers to values, and this means that the real values must be stored somewhere else.

There is also another problem: symbols are themselves data, and so, they themselves must reside somewhere. Since values and symbols are never in a 1:1 relationship, you need a way to ensure the following conditions at the same time:

  • The value of a variable (named by a symbol) must stay alive at least as long as the symbol is accessible.

  • Symbols must stay alive as long as there is some grammar element or code referencing them.

  • Values, symbols and their container must be collected as soon as possible when they are not used anymore. In short, they must not leak.