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This is the archive for 15 October 2017

Sunday, October 15, 2017

And finally, I am in Kyoto, the "Capital City".

Differently from Nara, this city was built to be useful rather than beautiful. Set up as fast as possible, in 10 years, there was no time to make it the aesthetic marvel Nara. What they build was big, functional and effective. And notably, without a single Buddhist temple around.

After a few years after the foundation, two well regulated temples were added at the beginning of the main road. The Imperial Citadel was at the opposite side of the City, at the northern end like in Nara, about four kilometres away.

As a result of this practical design, its plant staid basically unchanged for one thousand years. While all buildings have changed, the city is still basically organized in a rectangle long five kilometres and a half in the north-south direction and four and a half east-west, and divided in blocks by streets that still carry the ancient names, from the Ichijou (first branch) cutting the city right south of the Imperial Palace to the Juujou (tenth branch) at the far south border of the town.