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This is the archive for 15 September 2017

Friday, September 15, 2017

Air France flight from Heathrow to Paris was late. Probably the news of a bomb in the London subway caused a bit of security hysteria. I had to run to reach my gate, a few minutes after it was "officially" closed, and all this because the french security check in the flight transfer area were changing turn and talking about the grades of their respective kids at school, and the luggage checker that was just entered in the turn at that moment was afraid a Big Ben souvenir I am bringing to my pen pal was, maybe, a perfume bottle holding more than 10cl. liquid.

However, I am in Seoul, and I already breath eastern air.

Here's the entrance of a free show about the Royal Palace in Soul airport.


Very eastern, isn't it :)
And so, after many years during which I had to keep reserved about my doings and my life, I am finally putting my life don the right track. And so, my old blog can come back to life too. And what better occasion to have it record my first vacation in years: three weeks in Japan, two of which visiting the peculiar locations I wrote about in my book Rai'an, and a third in Tokyo, working from Bloomberg Tokyo office.

My program will touch Nagoya, Shirakawa-go (a small village in the mountains which has been declared a world heritage by Unesco), Ise, Misugi-Mitsue in the mie prefecture, Hase-dera, Sakurai, Asuka, Nara, Kyoto, Sumoto in Awaji-shima and Takamatsu in the Shikoku, and I will be finally back in Tokyo.