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This is the archive for 26 September 2017

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

And so, I have finally reached Asuka. After climbing the Sacred Mount Miwa I am a bit too tired to do anything but driving directly to the hotel and my head is filled with nothing but the image of the onsen waiting for me, but I cannot prevent my self from wondering at the feeling of ancientness this land immediately gives me. It's not just because of the road signs indicating a different Emperor's mausoleum, ruins, archaeological site, historical temple at each cross. It's not just that here, if you drive a stick one feet in the ground chances are that you'll be hitting an archaeological find.

It's simply that this place is incredibly perfect as the cradle of a civilization. A vast plain surrounded by high mountains, rich in fertile ground and deep streams, with the terrain porous enough to avoid the formation of swamps, with sudden hills and little mounts naturally dividing the land and providing a raised observation spot, as the one from which I took this photo, or the mounts that can be seen from there:


If there is a group of humans in the range of 100 kilometers from this place, they will move here and make this the center of a powerful civilization. And indeed, that's what happened, as traces of the Yamatai people were found moving out from Awajishima and occupying this land around 300 B.C.E.