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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life is the ability to turn superabundant energy into organization and complexity. In a word, into a being.
What's the value of the organization in a cell? -- is it more or less than the energy that the cell consumes in it's life?
How many heat units are needed to grow up and feed a man for 80 years? -- Is its life, its being, greater than this energy?
What's the heat cost of an idea? -- can we talk of entropy, or shall we infer that life and organization can generate more "being" than the energy initially provided to the system?

Is the energy of a galaxy just the sum of the energy in its suns, or is its organization in starsystems something more than just that?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I think I understood the reason why men have a basic, instinctive repulsion for closed hierarchies. In example "exclusive" associations that tend to discriminate inner members as "better" ones, and outsiders as "inferiors".

The mankind, and the whole Environment it lives in, are living organisms which tend to co-evolve in a certain direction. Those pyramidal entities are meant to dispossess the mankind of its natural relationship with the space and time it lives in, so that it can be diverted to the benefit of a small subset of it.

This relationship is called "life". Life is what a cell does when exchanges heat and food with the environment it lives in. Life is what a man does when it ties relationships with other of its kind, or with other living entities. Life is what mankind does when it moves through the space-time it lives in.

So, those bodies steal mankind's life. Some of the men that are in those associations are really willing to "do good", and to better "direct" what seems a random process to "more desirable" outcomes. Others plainly do it for their own benefit.

Yet, a fragment of that mankind life that is reflected in everyone of its constituent parts screams against this crime, and this is where our natural repulsion for authoritarism, religious absolutism and occult plans of control comes from.