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Friday, July 25, 2008

Falcon has now dual module symbol sharing model. The load and export directives provide a push model, where modules can publish their symbol to the global namespace. The import and import from directives provide a pull model, in which a module can explicitly query another module for symbols. Both the models can live in the same application, providing the most complete and flexible symbol sharing system around.

The support is nearly complete; it still miss just support for extended module naming (".name" and "" support) and localized module load query in flexy modules at link time. Both this issue should be fixed in matters of minutes.

This update boosts the application model; only the support for archive-stored modules is missing, and it will be the next target.

Somewhere past version 1.0 we'll provide also pre-linked serialized structures, so that it will be possible to save the result of a linking process and increase the performance of startup times.


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