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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I appreciate very much the voice of Kawada Mami. She's one of the "I've" girls, together with my favorite Shimamiya Eiko and with the amazing Kotoko. She's extremely skilled especially in what is technically called "voice control"; the precision of her intonation and the constance of her pitches are amazing, literally ranging the abilities of electronic synthesizers.

However, she had been mainly a singer, rarely composing lyrics and often singing things produced for her by the other I've members. I noticed that this was a pity, as her skill was rarely exploited.

But recently, she has released the first album for which she has also written the lyrics. Her past works were satisfactory, but not outstanding. Her lyrics were interesting and above the mean, but they weren't at the level of the other writers in the "I've".

This song is definitely a quantum leap forward. Not only she had been able to match the thematics of the other composers, but she've been able to add a personal touch. She's using a very high register, both in the form of the grammar, which uses chained verbs in suspensive forms (in sequences of three and four), and a coherent and rich set of inversions, but also in the substance; especially the first sentences are very "souseki-like". She also uses interesting rhetorical forms, as the balancing of "toki" (time/when) at the beginning and at the end of a sentence with the two possible meanings, the usage of the ideogram "生" chained in its two verbal readings (ikiru - to live - and umareru - to be born). In general a very elaborate usage of the Japanese language.

Also, while the music of this song is composed by Tomoyuki Nakazawa, it's evident that Mami had been able to slip in a personal touch, or that Tomoyuki wrote this song taking into consideration Mami's skills.

I cannot help but be happy of the fact that the "I've" group gains another active and excellent composer.
Lyrics: Kawada Mami

Music: Tomoyuki Nakazawa

kobosu namida mo karehateta ki ga, kasuka ni eda wo yuraseba
Persino un albero tanto secco da non poter più versare nemmeno una lacrima, basta che agiti impercettibilmente un ramo
Even a tree so withered to be unable to shed a tear, it needs just to slightly wave a branch

natsu no aosa no hitotoki ga futo hitomi kasumeteku
anche una sola volta nell'azzurro dell'estate per rapire inconsapevolmente lo sguardo
even for just once, in the blue of the summer, to grab unintentionally the gaze

utsurou toki wa nazeka sabishii
Quando si cambia ci si sente soli, per qualche motivo,
When we change, for some reason we feel lonely

nandemo shitta you na me de, maru de otona mitai
Con occhi di chi conosce tutto, come da adulti,
With the eyes of who knows everything, like adults,

hohoemu kao ga chikuri itakatta
il volto sorridente era dolorante.
our smiling face was aching.


ああ すぐに枯葉を拾い集めて
aa sugu ni kareha wo hiroiatsumete
Ah, se raccogliessi subito le foglie secche
Oh, were I to pick up right now the withered leaves

tegami kakeba itsuka kimi ni ai ni yukeru ka na
e scrivessi una lettera, magari un giorno potrei venire a incontrarti
and write a letter, maybe, one day, I may come and meet you


kizukanu you ni hisoka ni saita kokage no ichirin no hana wa
Un singolo fiore sbocciato in segreto all'ombra degli alberi, per non farsi notare,
A single flower secretly blossomed under the tree shade, to be sure not to be noticed,

itsuka soko de ikiru uso mo hontou ni kaete ikiteta
è vissuto mutando le menzogne che vivevano lì un tempo in verità.
has been living changing the lies that lived there into truth.

ああ 生まれ変わりを願い信じてる
aa umarekawari wo negaishinjiteru
Ah, pregherò e crederò nella rinascita
Ah, I will pray and believe in being born again

kimi no mune no soko ni hikaru mirai ga areba...
se almeno vi fosse un futuro splendente in fondo al tuo petto...
may just be a shining future harbor at the very bottom of your soul...


Motto soba ni isasete
Permettimi di starti molto più vicino
Let me be nearer to you

今 底方(そこい)へと手を伸ばし救いだしたいから
ima sokoi e to te wo nobashi sukuidashitai kara
poiché, adesso, vorrei tendere la mia mano verso la tua vera natura, e salvarti da lì.
as now, I'd wish to stretch my hand and reach out for your very nature, and save you out from there.

kimi ga wasuresou naraba boku ga tsunageyou
E se fossi sul punto di dimenticare, io intesserò
And were you to be like forgetting, I will thread

omoide no hitotsuzutsu
i ricordi, uno ad uno.
your memories, one by one.


kono hiroi daichi ni umareikiru (ikiteiru)
Su questa immensa terra viviamo nascendo (vivendo)
In this vast land we're live by being born (living)

toki ni umore miushinaisou ni naru toki
Quando, sepolta dal tempo sembra che perdi di vista
When it sems that even the edge of that branch of savia is

sono SABIA no eda no saki made (iki wo shite)
persino la punta di quel ramo di sessiflora (resipira!)
disappareing from sight, buried by time (breath!)

hikari abite kono kokyuu kanjite
Bagnandoti di luce e percepisci il respiro profondo!
Bath in the light and feel the deep breath!


tadoritsuku ketsumatsu ga shinjitsu ka nante, ima wa mada dare mo shiranai kara
Siccome nessuno sa ancora se quella conclusione a cui tendiamo sia realtà o cosa,
As no one knows for sure if that end we're going to is reality or what else,

tooku tsuzuku michi ni wa tsumazuku koto mo
persino cadere su quella strada che continua lontano
even to fall on that road that goes far away

itowanai kamawanai
non mi sarà odioso, non m'importerà.
I'll feel no grudge, I won't care.

hitori ja nai yo
Non sono sola!
I am not alone!


tada soba ni iru kara
Mi basta che tu sia al mio fianco
Just be at my side,

musuu no ten ga hitosuji no sen wo musunda toki, boku ga mitodokeru kara
Quando infiniti punti saranno uniti da un unico flusso, io vedrò con i miei occhi
And when endless points will be joint by a single flux, I'll make sure

kimi no ikiteta subete wo
tutto ciò che tu hai vissuto.
of everything you have ever lived.


(tsuzuiteku tsuzuiteku tsuzuiteku saki ni)
(continua continua continua sempre avanti)
(go on go on go on forward)

(owaranai owaranai owaranai michi ni)
(su questa infinita infinita infinita strada)
(on this endless endless endless road)

全てを 見つめ そして 繋げて
Subete wo mitsume soshite tsunagete
Tutto... osserva... e infine... congiungi!
Everything... watch... and then... unite!


I've just listened to her latest album, SAVIA. I didn't know her music before but, aprreciating Shimamiya Eiko's, I had no problem in enjoying the album, being not the two music styles too different.
Great voice and great songs; what I don't like too much is the accompaniment: in some songs I can't find a strong correlation between accompaniment music and voice melody (while Shimamiya does it almost perfectly); for example, while I like very much the accompaniment in 'DREAM' or in 'sense', I found the one in '翡翠 -HISUI-' a bit inappropriate. Also, it seems too essential and poor in many points: her voice melodies should deserve more. But overall, it's very good music.
About 'portamento', even if I'm not able to appreciate the Japanese lyrics, as music is concerned is probably the best song of the album. Well, we can feel a Shimamiya's touch (think of 'ATLANTE'), but it's, as said, just a touch. Here I found the whole song consistent, and it fills my senses while I listen to it.
Thanks Giancarlo for make me know this artist.

Posted by Gojyo at Monday, August 04, 2008 03:58:21

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