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Monday, September 29, 2008

I was sick and tired to wait for people to compile Falcon on Mac, and we often had to release versions without MacOSX support for the lack of developers on that platform. Now the thing is no more, as I will take personally care of MacOSX releases.

Actually, I am not that enthusiast at all about having a Mac. Being accustomed to work on GNU/Linux platform and having to develop things on Mac is like programming blindfolded and with a hand tied behind your back. Oh well, userland programs are cool; Safari, ITunes (best one-click CD import ever), Mail, Quicktime and all the rest are absolutely ok, and I am in love with Garage Band; I bought a discounted USB-Midi keyboard with the Mac (I knew that, when I get some free time from Falcon, I would have loved to do a bit of music having a Mac at hand), and looking back at how much time I spent with Linux in finetuning music applications and sound card drivers... oh well, it's fresh air.

XCode is not bad either, and integration with CMake is even better than in KDevelop and Visual Studio.

It's... the rest that needs working. For example, I can't figure out how to write Japanese or Italian characters in UTF-8; languages get their fixed preferential encoding and that's all. File browsing it's clumsy, application management is worse, and I really feel the lack of a simple "launch application" box (like [start] on windows or [K] on KDE, or [Applications] on Gnome and so on).

Last but not least, the thing I was the most interested to, PackageMaker, is possibly the worst piece of software I have ever seen. It looks like an amateur first post-tutorial GUI application try, and even not a very successful one. Both application logic and implementation are deeply bugged, and the new directory-full-of-xml format for package definition files it's a pain in the a**. Finally... there ISN'T ANY UNINSTALL option. Not even the ability to place a personalized "uninstall" script in the package. There's really nothing good to save of it, (possibly the package GUI generator, but it's too static and fixed to be really good), and it's a good candidate for a complete rewrite.


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