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Sunday, November 30, 2008

It took about 2 full days just to prepare the packages, the ground for the packages, test them, repackage also the modules that were impacted by the changes and so on, but now it's done.

Well, almost. Still need to make a new release of the SDL module. Will do in a couple of hours.

It seems that open source is all about releases; and in part it's true. OTOH, for a developer there are but a few things as distressing and time consuming as making a release (with downloadable packages). And I still have to do house cleaning stuff as SVN tagging, spreading the news to the packagers in the various distro and the like...

Next time I must repeat the mantra: "Making a release takes a week... making a release takes a week..."

For the curious; if you're asking yourself why this release is called Vulture, it's because it fed on Condor.


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