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Saturday, August 08, 2009

There's who says that it's "just another language", and thus, "useless", but I got users pretty loving it.

This is a chat log from our channel:

ago 08 16:01:23 olefowdie also, the package manager I told you I was creating will now probably become the basis for yet another linux distribution... and I am trying to think of more stuff i could write for it in falcon pl...
ago 08 16:01:35 olefowdie since falcon is secretly the code for the whole friggin universe.
ago 08 16:01:36 jonnymind olefowdie: I love you.
ago 08 16:01:57 olefowdie I bet there are aliens secretly stealing wifi access from ISS just to grab copies of Falcon.
ago 08 16:02:43 olefowdie jonnymind: i will as soon more is working
ago 08 16:03:46 olefowdie I wonder... you know if martians exist, they probably have a secret underground shrine to FalconPL
ago 08 16:03:50 jonnymind heheh
ago 08 16:03:57 jonnymind :-))
ago 08 16:04:36 olefowdie ... and I bet that God's rendering engine for the universe is written in FalconPL- proof = duck bill platapus (just as versatile in feature listings)
ago 08 16:05:50 * btiffin ( รจ entrato in #falcon
ago 08 16:06:48 jonnymind *this one is going on my blog
ago 08 16:07:01 olefowdie lol.


It's like python, but less effective and formal that you said! That's all, what's new?! No component-based support, no model-checking support. You should study better theoretical computer science and SE.

Posted by Gianfranco at Tuesday, September 01, 2009 10:32:20

Thanks for your suggestion.

Can you be so intellectually honest and point out 1) your achievements in the field and 2) achievements of the languages with strong component based support?

(How fun. The only unmotivated criticism comes always from Italian people. Must be a national sport, that of bashing what one can't achieve. That's why we have Berlusconi as president).

Posted by Giancarlo at Wednesday, September 02, 2009 02:00:19

I have a master's degree in computer science taken in an italian university (one of those you despise so much and i don't know why). I'm involved in a "new" language defintion with strong component-based support: Magnet. It's also python-based (class and methods definition), but no with dynamical type cheking. The new is the defintion of one architecture description language (ADL) embedded in the environment, not as simulating descriptor. I write this because i'm tired to read only criticism against italian computer science graduates. That's all!! I apologize for my unmotivated criticism,although i think that falcon could be more suitable as DSL than as general pourpose language. PS: i never vote Berlusconi :). How old are you? and how long you have spent to make falcon?

Posted by Gianfranco at Friday, September 04, 2009 04:01:43

I am 35, and I spent some years on Falcon (as I have a life, a man-year calculus would turn out a bit complex).

About my criticism, it doesn't go towards Italian Computer Science graduates. It goes against Italian Computer Science faculties. You will agree with me that 1) they are currently far from current industry standards and 2) they are far behind top notch institutes worldwide, while they were among the top notch institutes worldwide 20 years ago.

I understand your criticism may have been triggered by the rather enthusiast reaction of a user; I have a much more modest view of it all. Yet, I found this funny and wanted to blog it. I don't think there is anything that needs to be so harshly criticized in that.

Finally, I knew you didn't vote Berlusconi. And I knew it was a topic that could bring you back here ;-). However, if you read the phrasing, you'll notice I was relating the power of Berlusconi with an unmotivated bashing attitude.

About DSL/general purpose, 1) it depends on what you mean by general purpose; it may seem a bit picky, but there is general purpose and general purpose, really. If you system mantainance, then bash is more general purpose than C. 2) why dsl?

Posted by Giancarlo at Sunday, September 06, 2009 12:38:22

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