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Monday, October 19, 2009

I met up with Tatsuno Kazuo works more or less by chance.

An interview about the involvement of Mr. Tatsuno in the activism against the highway tunnel under the Takao Mountain.

While searching for materials to deepen my study of Japanese, I hit this book of his called Bunsho no kakikata, or "How to write". His work left a deep impression on me, so much that I tried to gather all his writings, the "book shaped" ones, on which I could lay my hands on.

One of his suggestion goes like...

If you want to dig a hole, start tracking it's borders. The wider the borders, the wider the hole will be. The deeper you'll be able to go without loosing sight of what you're doing.

Preparatory works. I do believe in those; as a programmer, I clear the ground from potential problems in advance, and ... I draw a big circle around the area I want to solve.

Tatsuno talks of writing, but he means "your job", and then "your work", and then "your life". Another suggestion is to write something. Each day. I'll try to follow it.


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