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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Italy is slowly but steadily falling towards a new form of Fascism. As Primo Levi said, in the 60's, "it's today's Fascism, that is just missing the power to enforce itself to return being what it was, that is, the consecration of privilege and inequality".

To prevent this from happen again, there is just one way. Remember what happened, what caused fascism to raise and what it leaded to. And the horror it caused.

A person I know asked me, "why are we still re-vising what happened more than 60 years ago; why should be pity for a so distant fact, and for people of other races".

Because, I replied, there is one race I know: human. The people who suffered in the laghers, the people who was jailed and killed by Fascism and its descendant Nazism, wasn't of "a race", they wasn't a "kind". They was me. They all was me.

And I don't want this sort of things to happen to me, never again.


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