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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

This will be my entry in the jargon file.

The BOOT Coffee is the coffee you go to get to the nearest vending machine in your working place while you are waiting for a WinXP professional station & network to boot and become minimally responsive.

Also, as when you are early in the morning at your working place you usually are in need of a long boot too, it's also the coffee that makes the programmer mind to boot up and get ready for another coding day.

It's usually great to boot while shallowing small gulps of perfumed Italian coffee. It would be better if, when I am done with my coffee, my WinXP workstation would be ready to go. I'll never stop questioning why it takes 10 minutes to get minimally responsive; especially considering that's a 3.2 dualcore 2GB latest generation PC... Shall we infer that this is OS fault?


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