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Thursday, September 22, 2011

I've been full force on some other projects for sometime now, but I urged to get back to the new engine -- also for business reasons. My intention is to dedicate a bit of care to it every day from now on, but today I worked all the day on it to get back in touch with the new API and the problems that were left open on the ground.

Today I have fixed a couple of nifty details that were left open: the booleanization of items (a = "value"; if a ...), which is now overridable, and safe and consistent cleanup of the execution context in interactive compiler.

Also, I have added grammar for both range declaration ([x:y:z]) and range accessor (x[a:b:c]). I dragged those a bit because they were extremely delicate and complex to integrate in the new array declaration syntax (which actually opens a simple, but powerful sub-parser for improved parsing of functional expressions).

Now I am searching for some ppl at #falcon implementing the implementation of range access in strings and arrays (functions are already in, we just need to copy some glue code from the old engine).

Well, we're back in action.


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