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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Lately, in the Falcon Programming Langauge IRC channel (#falcon on I presented the idea of a concept-relation programming paradigm, which would superseed some fuzzy logic, constraint programming and logic programming constructs.

The idea is based on a first try where I modeled the analysis of complex systems through networks of "emergence", connected by possibly recursive causal relationships, as described by Edgard Morin in its masterwork "The Method".

Here I publish a first draft of the idea extended to generic networks of arbitrary concept bound by arbitrary relations. The Concept-Relation algebra tries to provide a method to analyze networks of arbitrary concepts and relations. Of course, its predictive and normative ability depend on the quality of the analysis in the specific fields where it is applied, but the new Falcon engine, with its ability to dynamically create symbolic code, and it's orientation towards evolutionary programming, might be easily turned in an engine actually finding unknown relations binding arbitrary concepts.

In this period, I have contacted the VFF Institute which sent the first draft paper around to its member; I have received positive feedback and help to fix some details, mainly from Enrico Faggioli.

CR Algebra -- introduction.

The document is an informal introduction to the topic, and is still incomplete/immature, but I decided to publish it on my blog for the benefit of the people following the development of Falcon, to start reasoning about it together. There will be time for a scientific publication later on. Also, the publishing of Falcon to the Debian distro in this days has already brought a bit of attention to our work, so I'd like the people coming in and having a look to see what's we're working at and is soon to be available to them.

Anyhow, the audience of my personal blog is pretty limited, so we all might consider this document (marked as draft-3) as a restricted circulation draft :-).


In this days, I've been working at the networks between relations, or at relation-transformation function in the CR-Algebra realm. For instance, the "implies" relation that should transform a relation between to concepts into another; as in the case of a "contain" relation (a simple flat relation), and the "imply" relation with a "not contain" relation, which of course reverse its meaning. I'll try to publish something about that asap.

Also, I have several idea on how to implement and expose to the language this CR algebra. For one thing, I want to make it an actual programming paradigm, in the sense that you'd write program based on relations of concepts to make things "happen". More about this in later posts.


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