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Thursday, December 20, 2007

A new era for the Mankind has just begun.

As many times in the past, when something exceptional happens, at firsts, it gets hardly noticed. Often, when who holds the power finds out, it is hidden, bended... but it cannot be canceled. It may take time, but in the end, the events bound to change the destiny of the mankind always carry out their task.

Lakota "Tribe" (according to someone, "Nation" according to the facts) has rejected the treaties signed more than 150 years ago with the government of U.S.A. as "Empty words", repeatedly infringed by those who have forced the Lakota into signing them.

Read the news here: The press release.

I am writing below the letter I sent them to hail their Nation, and the reasons why I think this is the first day of a new era.


My name is Giancarlo Niccolai, and you don't know me. I live in Italy, and there's a chance that you did never visit my country. Despite I'd love to, there's also a chance that I will never visit your country too. And I am not talking of USA, I visited that country. I mean, your Man Nation. Yet, I feel exactly as you, when you say "Mitaku Oyasin".

The news about Lakota claim of void validity of treaties with the USA government was on the free press today on our country; it was soon reported by Italian blogs (or the free press take the news from the blogs, I still haven't got the whole picture; I am sorry). Mainly, the No. 1 Italian blog and one of the 10 most read blogs in the world,

is confirming the news. The shot will be soon available in English, but I wish you could read Italian to read the thousands of respectful and cheerful comments that we have posted.

It is evident how the news about your rightful stand has been obscured by all the main media in the world, including Italian television. A few years ago, three guys climbed on the Bell Tower of San Marco square in venice waving the flag of the ancient Venetian Republic, and that fact had stayed on top of the news for a week, and was talked about for over a year. You parted from USA, reclaiming what is yours, and we would have never known, was not for the net. Not a line on CNN nor BBC, nor on main national media of western countries.

Weren't the thing you have done so great and divine to trascend this mundane nothingness, I would really feel like tearing off my white skin, and offer it to you as a small payback for what the mankind has done to you all.

You are not alone. You knew it, you knew also that we're all one. You know that the Great Spirit IS everyone of us now, that we walk all on the same path, that there's no white, Italian, Lakota, African, Chinese. You know we're just one.

This happened thanks to the net. We know about you thanks to the net, but the net is just what this Great Spirit of the Mankind has finally produced. It is part of us, as the wind is part of the grass, and as the rain is part of the air. So, what is technology, if not our spirit again? So, its your, our spirit being linked now.

I feel you, I am crying for you and I am angry with you, and I will fight for you as much as I can, because you are me. Your freedom is mine, your right is the right of the mankind. Isn't this spirit? Isn't this soul? Is it thanks to electricity raging in copper wires across the ocean? but isn't our spirit live thanks to small storms going here and there in our nerves? Isn't THAT spirit too?

I hail you and your ancient and new nation. May our spirit raise against every man that doesn't know that we are one, that thinks he is alone and has alone the right to command. We, the Man, say no.

We, the Man, see now the dawn of a new era, born from the ancient spirit of your nation, that knew this ancient wisdom long ago, and the new ways through which our minds can stretch, touch, join each other. The Man, the Great Spirit has never been so powerful.

Tatanka Yotanka said that we would have known that the money in our banks cannot be eaten only when the last tree would have been threw down, the last river polluted, the last buffalo killed. Luckily, Makhpyia Luta was even wiser, when he said that there would have come the day in which we stood up and raise again. We. I personally never roamed the plains hunting the buffalo, but you know in the moment you read me that I am with you. I am you.

I am sitting on a desk in a warm house. I know that the ones that will face a brutal repression are you, and not me. I know that all the power of USA will be directed toward you, and not toward me, yet I feel pain. Right now, I am feeling all the pain you withstand. I feel the pain of the Great Spirit, the pain of the Man.

WE WON'T LET the ones that don't know the pain they are causing, that don't feel the scream of the Man, to win. We won't let them to win. We'll tell the story, NOW and FOREVER to our friends and our children, as you did for millennia with your stories, so that your spirit won't die, so that what you are doing now will be remembered as the brightest day for the mankind.

The Monks in Burma have fought a brutal regime for their freedom, and we have not left them alone. Our spirit is still with them, and their oppressor is growing weaker and weaker; he won't prevail. We won't forget. You face even a greater menace, as the power you stand against is the greatest in the world, and the sliest. Burma regime isn't trying to sell freedom to anyone. So, this is the reason why the day in which you stood was the brightest for the Man. Lies will be exposed, and truth will now shine through all the Mother Earth. That day marks the begin of the epoch of the Victory of the Truth. Now it cannot be anymore hidden, nor raped. Truth is the blood of the Great Spirit, and Honesty is the root of the Truth. This is the beginning of the end for those who sell honesty for gold.

I hail You, Nation of Man. May our spirit walk the land in peace and prosper together with Mother Earth.

Giancarlo Niccolai.


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