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Thursday, December 27, 2007

I don't believe in destiny. Yet I find interesting, if not intriguing, that it's everyone's experience that, at times, a series of events, all pushing you forward in the same direction, strikes you.

Exactly when you need it the most, it happens. Love, work, hobby, school, passion... at times we want them, at times they just fall on us.

I think it's creative chaos working in the same direction of our attention. When we synchronize with the world, where a lot of things happens at the same time, we begin being object of those events that normally happens, but that we didn't "accept" or "receive" before.

The most interesting thing of this, is that it seems to happens most effectively when the process of synchronization with the surrounding chaos happens below the limit of our conscience.

How many songs say, and how many times we said, "Just when I stopped searching for you, I found you."


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