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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Just a short comment: It's hard to find a song more "Japanese" than this wonderful song of Shimamiya Eiko.
Uchuu no Hana
Fiore dell'Universo
Flower of the Universe

Lyrics: Shimamiya Eiko

Melody: Shimamiya Eiko

編曲:京田誠 & JIA PENG FANG
Arrangments: Kyouda Makoto e Jia Peng Fang

Voice: Shimamiya Eiko


mizu wa kaze wo daita
L'acqua abbracciò il vento
The water hugged the wind

kaze wa sora ni koi shita
e il vento fece l'amore al cielo
And the wind made love with the sky

itoshii sora to majiwatta
e col suo adorato cielo, si fuse.
And he became one with her beloved sky

kaze wa kumo wo harande
Il vento rimarrà in cinta delle nuvole
The wind will bear the clouds

kumo wa toki wo hande
e le nuvole si nutriranno del tempo
And the clouds will feed on the time

mizu ga umare ochiru hi made
fino al giorno in cui l'acqua, nascendo, cadrà.
Up to the day when the water, being born, will fall.

atatakai ame ga sora kara ochite
Calda pioggia cade dal cielo
Warm rain falls from the sky

daichi no shitone ni yasuragi nagara (*)
mentre mi riposo sul guanciale del Mondo
while I lay on the pillow of the World

hana wa itsu saku no?
I fiori, quando sbocceranno?
When will the flowers bloom?

雨 土 風 太陽
ame, tsuchi, kaze, taiyou
Pioggia, terra, vento, sole
Rain, earth, wind, sun

daichi no shitone no sono naka de
là, sul guanciale del Mondo.
there, on the pillow of the World.

Repeat chorus

kitto zenbu sou nan da
È certamente tutto così.
I am sure it's all like this.

kono hoshi no sono saki no
Là dove si dirige questo Pianeta
Down where this Planet is going

donna basho ni mo saiteiru
sboccerà in qualsiasi luogo.
it will bloom in any place.

Repeat chorus

Daichi no shitone oshiageta wake wa
Il guanciale del Mondo buttò lì la scusa
The pillow of the world casually said

Tabun ai suru koto ga shiritakute
che forse voleva conoscere cosa vuol dire amare
that maybe she wanted to know what it means to love.

あなたも 宇宙の花
anata mo uchuu no hana
Anche tu sei un Fiore dell'Universo
You are a Flower of the Universe

mizu ga kaze wo daku you ni
affinché l'acqua possa abbracciare il vento
Give yourself, body and soul, to the sky

mi mo kokoro mo sora ni yudanete
concediti anima e corpo al cielo!
so that the water may embrace the wind!

Repeat chorus

saite, saite, sakimidarete
Sboccia, sboccia, fiorisci
Bloom, bloom, flower all around

inochi wo ajiwau
e assaporerai la vita!
and you will taste life.

maite, maite hanabira
Danzate, danzate petali
Dance, dance, you petals

雨 土 風 太陽
ame, tsuchi, kaze, taiyou
pioggia, terra, vento, sole.
rain, earth, wind, sun.


(*) "Shitone" means literally "Soft thing on which to sleep on"; it can indicate pillows, mattresses, soft blankets, and so on. It's also used to intend the morbid body of womens.


Wonderful song, from music, to text and composition.

A song that captures all of your senses.

Must listen!!!

Thanks again for the translation jonny.

Posted by Orochimaru83 at Tuesday, April 08, 2008 15:31:04

Hi! I just want to ask, are you heard original version of this song? It has another lyrics and I haven't been able to find them. They start as 未来にゆれる花…
Also, your 2nd note isn't true. I've listen to this song in variants of Ulysses and Ozone albums.

Posted by Veselov Ilya aka 13xforever at Monday, June 23, 2008 11:56:35

Also, here is a wiki page for this version of song:

Posted by Veselov Ilya aka 13xforever at Monday, June 23, 2008 12:03:04

Well, I am a proud owner of the CD... and the thing you pointed in the link is certainly something else.

Maybe it is called "uchuu no hana" too, but I never heard that song.

Also, the Ozone variant has "anata MO uchuu no hana", but in the Ulysses variant Eiko clearly says "wa" (second note).

Posted by Giancarlo at Monday, June 30, 2008 06:12:15

I've been able to ask the question directly to Miss. Shimamiya, and she said that, well, even if the sound didn't get through very well, she sung definitely "mo". So I am fixing this.

Posted by Giancarlo at Sunday, May 31, 2009 10:54:27

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